Our Favorite Mayor Lightfoot 'Stay Home' Memes

Stay home. Stay healthy. And laugh at memes instead.

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Now that we know Mayor Lightfoot is in on the fun, we don't feel so bad getting a laugh out of the viral nature her stern expressions and "stay home" mantra have taken on. We're with you, Lori. Let's keep Chicago safe. 

On Monday, Chicago's mayor posted a PSA-style video poking fun at herself, reminding Chicagoans that staying home saves lives and showing us a new side that makes us respect her even more through these troubled times. 

We want to be clear: We're taking the shelter in place order very seriously and so should you! That doesn't mean we have to eliminate the humor from our lives though. Join us while we laugh at some of the best Mayor Lightfoot memes Chicagoans have come up with.

"A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of..."
Mayor Lightfoot: "Nope."

"She's not our hero. She's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.”

"We all stay home down here." 

Credit: Kelly Kniffen

No exceptions. 

She sees you. Always.

The new American gothic. 

"Can I get an Old St..."
Mayor Lightfoot: "Nope."

There's no place like home indeed, Dorothy.

Credit: Hope Larkin-Barzowski

"Cash me inside, how bout dah?"

"And here's a look at the forecast. Cloudy with a chance of staying at home."

Credit: Allen Boguslavsky

And, finally, an ode to our mayor's style—inspired by one of our favorite fashion eras of all time.

If you need more memes, check out the "Where's Lightfoot" Instagram account, producing daily content to make us smile. 

Again, we're only having a bit of fun! We sincerely appreciate all of the tremendously hard work our mayor is putting in right now and that she's still been able to keep her sense of humor about it. Thank you, Mayor Lightfoot, Governor Pritzker, other city officials and, of course, the many, many healthcare workers that are working overtime so that we can look forward to coming back outside! 

Stay home, Chicago. We're beggin' ya. 

*Due to the way the Internet works, we weren't able to track down credit for all of these memes, but if you're the creator of any of these, please let us know and we'll credit you properly. Email [email protected]