Pop-Up Bars & Restaurants In Chicago

Pop-ups, so hot right now!

The pop-up bar frenzy has definitely hit Chicago. Temporary bars and restaurants themed around anything from classic movies to famous chefs to holidays are popping up (literally) all over town. 

It's tough to keep up with all of them, so we're keeping a running tally here. Did we miss one? Email cm (at) do312 (dot) com and let us know!

The Nightmare Before Halloween: A Tim Burton Experience

Where? Headquarters Beercade (213 W Institute Pl.)

When? October 17 to November 3

What? Fans of Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Mars Attacks! and The Corpse Bride can all agree on one thing: Tim Burton has changed our lives for the better. Help Headquarters arcade bar pay tribute to the legendarily spooky filmmaker this October. Click here for details on special events like trivia and costume contests! 

How much? No cover, except during ticketed events. 21+

Treat Yo Self: A Parks and Rec Pop-Up

Where? Replay - Lincoln Park (2833 N. Sheffield)

When? August 30th to October 20th

What? It's time to #TREATYOSELF with Replay Lincoln Park's newest pop-up installation! In collaboration with @popupsquad, they've recreated tons of iconic locations from the show, including the Shoe Shine Stand, Li’l Sebastian’s Stable, Eagleton Fence, the Pit, the World’s Smallest Park, and (of course) the Pawnee Department of Parks and Recreation! They will also be serving up Parks and Rec-inspired bites in collaboration with Zizi's Cafe, who have created a menu inspired by legendary spots like The Glitter Factory's breakfast buffet, JJ's diner and Sweetums!

How much? Free, 21+

House Of Beetle Pop-Up Bar

Where? Bassline (2239 S. Michigan Ave.)

When? October 17th - November 1st

What? House Of Beetle, the first BeetleJuice inspired pop-up, will have drinks and specialized tapas with amazing music spinning throughout the day and night! The overall aesthetics will be set to create an unforgettable Instagrammable experience for your Halloween activities you have lined up this fall! There will be trivia nights, costume contests, a photobooth and more for amazing memories!

How much? $25 - $35, 21+

IT Halloween Pop-Up

Where? Replay - Lincoln Park (2833 N. Sheffield)

When? October 11th - November 1st

What? Brave your fears and come party with Pennywise this October as Replay's main bar area is transformed into Derry, Maine, complete with all of the horrors that it contains. Of course, they'll be creating pop-up-specific craft cocktails, and be sure to stay tuned for special, spooky pop-up events as well! 

How much? Free, 21+

Saint Olive's Garden Pop-Up

Where? Saint Lou's Assembly

When? October 30th - November 1st

What? Saint Lou's Assembly is paying homage to Olive Garden with three days of delicious Halloween fun, dressing up like your favorite suburban Italian chain.

How much? Price of chosen dinner, all ages.

Ina's Voodoo Lounge - New Orleans Halloween Pop-Up

Where? Ina Mae Tavern (1415 N. Wood St.)

When? October 24th - November 3rd

What? Ina Mae Tavern will host "Ina's Voodoo Lounge," a New Orleans Halloween Pop-Up being hosted from Thursday, October 24 through Sunday, November 3. The Pop-Up will be complete with over-the-top decorations, a limited time forbidden elixir cocktail menu and specials and events all week long!

How much? Free

Photo Via Balena

Balena Pop-Up

Where? Dutch & Doc's (3600 N. Clark St.)

When? November 1st - November 24th

What? From November 1 - 24, Balena will pop-up at Dutch and Doc's as a celebration of life for the restaurant. A menu highlighting your favorite dishes ranging from the Tagliolini Nero with Sea Urchin and Crab to the Lemon Kale Orecchiette will be available from Executive Chef Chris Pandel, Balena alumni and friends.

How much? Price of chosen dinner, all ages.

Swerski's: A Chicago Pop-Up For Superfans

Where? Timothy O'Toole's (622 N. Fairbanks Ct.)

When? September 5th to End Of Football Season

What? It's time to go all-in with your #DABEARS with Timothy O’Toole’s Pub, Chicago’s Favorite Bears Bar. “Swerski’s” A Chicago Pop-Up Bar for Superfans, is a homage to the SNL Superfan’s Skit. It will bring you back in time with like decor, a Chicago Bears themed food and drink menu and a Superfans photo backdrop with table props.

How much? Free, 21+

Brick Bar

Where? Location TBA

When? January 31st to February 2nd

What? This Brick Bar, the first of its kind, will consist of over 1 million blocks, transported and assembled into the ultimate nostalgia trip. The bar will feature sculptures made completely from lego bricks as well as an abundance of blocks for people to shape into their own creations. There will also be local DJ’s spinning tunes all day.

How much? $20 - $25, 21+

PokéBar Pop-Up

Where? Location TBA

When? March 21st to March 22nd

What? This pop-up is the first of its kind and will consist of Pokemon inspired burgers and Pokemon Inspired games and cocktails with tunes spinning all day. There will be a variety of games, trivia, card battles, action stations, giant interactive games, all to win points and evolve your pokemon. The team with the highest evolved pokemon will be the winners and receive prizes.

How much? Price TBA, Under 21 Must Be Accompanied By an Adult